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"Semper vigilans"

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Aleco Security & Protective
Solutions, Inc. 
PPO 119865


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Adex Protective Services Inc.

-Adex is a sister company of Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc. focusing on Cyber Security and Open Source Intelligence gathering.

Aleco Security & Protective Solutions, Inc.

Aleco's Uniformed and non Uniformed Services, safeguards life and property by offering a premium deterrent package in the private security industry. Comprised of veteran members of law enforcement, military, and civilian protection, members of our team provide security for private clients to government organizations. 




Aleco Security & Protective Solutions Inc.


State License Number, PPO 119865



Get Aleco Get Safe -

ADEX - Dawn to Dusk & Dusk to Dawn 

P.562.506.5692 - Inquiries

P.562.646.6272 - On Duty Field Supervisor 

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