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Aleco Security & Protective Solutions, Inc.

For high-profile executives whose work exposes them to security risks, Aleco's Executive Protection service represents the ultimate in safety and peace of mind for their family, associates, and themselves.

For city government and private clients, Aleco's Uniformed Services Division safeguards life and property at a high standard in the private security industry.

Comprised of veteran members of law enforcement, military, and civilian protection, members of our Executive Protection team have specialized training in:

  • Personal protection

  • Estate Security

  • SUV Driver Services

  • Travel Protection Specialists

  • Event Security

  • Workplace Threats

  • Stalkers

  • Advance Planning

  • Evacuation Protocols

  • Conflict De-Escalation

  • Evasive Driving

  • Emergency Response Techniques

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Personal Information Removal Online

  • Online Risk Detection

  • Airport Security

  • Apartments / H.O.A.

  • Body Guard / Executive Protection

  • Business Parks

  • Campus Security

  • Construction Site Security

  • Education Institutions

  • Energy / Chemical / Petrochemical / Utilities

  • Ambassador Services

  • Movie Studio Security

  • Filming Location Security

  • Fashion Show Security

  • Fire Watch Services

  • Government Facilities

  • High Rises/Lofts

  • Hotels/Motels

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Medical Centers/Hospitals

  • Marked Vehicle Patrols

  • Parking Enforcement

  • Shopping Centers

  • Special Events Security

  • Storage Facilities

  • Cargo and Escort Security Services

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • And More ….

Threat Assessments
Information Security
OSINT Investigations
Executive Protection

Executive Protection Services are designed to mitigate risk for individuals whose reputations, prominence, wealth, travel itineraries or occupations require heightened personal security.

In some cases the need for executive protection services is limited to travel only to certain destinations. Other times, the principal, and his or her family, might require 24/7 coverage at home, at work or school, and while traveling.

   Our Approach To Executive Protection

Aleco's Protection Division provides the finest executive protection, residential protection, and secure travel services.

Our joint approach to executive protection is based on the following:

  • We build our programs around a clear understanding of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing the principal.

  • We customize our programs to the principal’s individual preferences and corporate culture.

  • We prioritize productivity as well as security, so that the principal can work efficiently no matter where the job requires it.

  • Our emotionally intelligent agents are well trained and carefully selected for each program, so we deliver the best mix of hard and soft skills.

  • Our services are scalable worldwide, so we can respond to our clients’ evolving security needs quickly and reliably.    


Secure Travel Services provide security drivers, vehicles and protective personnel as needed anywhere in the world through our own staff or carefully vetted partners. Traveler tracking and emergency evacuations are also available.

Close Protection as needed at home, at work or on the road. Our executive protection services also include protective surveillance and covert protection.

Residential Protection to keep the principal and family safe at primary or secondary residences.

Consulting Services, development and implementation of corporate executive protection programs so corporations can build, turn around, or improve their own dedicated EP programs. We work with corporations in many ways, from conducting Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVAs) to program design, staffing and management.

Emergency Protection Services that are available on short notice to deal with evacuations and other crisis situations.




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